Marketing & Sales

Areas of Specialization
Marketing & Sales Effectiveness: Improving profitability and/or service through the ''better'' integration and synchronization of customer and market-centric processes

  • Customer Service
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Access/Channels
  • Pricing
  • New Product Introduction
  • Forecasting & Modeling
  • Sales Force Productivity
  • Direct Marketing & Tele-activities
  • Product Positioning
  • Systems & Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Common Problems

  • Customer dissatisfaction or attrition
  • Ineffective marketing programs
  • Disappointing new product introductions
  • Disjointed marketing and sales efforts
  • Long and cumbersome sales cycles … with low close ratios
  • Lots of sales effort (and expense) … but with unsatisfactory results
  • High (or no!) personnel turnover

  • Questions for Auditing Current Performance

  • Is your customer contact process as effective as possible?
  • Is your field sales force productive?
  • How can you help them be more effective?
  • Are you getting the appropriate return on your marketing expenditures?
  • How can you apply market and customer information to be more profitable?
  • Are you well positioned in the growth segments of the market?
  • Are you maintaining the appropriate balance between new and existing customers?